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As they rightly say, practice makes perfect.

About TestCone

As they rightly say, practice makes perfect. If you are planning to take an examination that you want to crack without any ifs and buts, you need lots of planning and effort and yes plenty of practice with the right questions. Testcone gives you the right platform to ensure you have the real goal in sight. With a variety of questions that have been set up by subject-matter experts and with tools that help you simulate the same examination environment; your input efforts will always mean something. The practice will give you confidence that you are ready for the final act. Having seen and solved questions that are similar to what you might actually see in the actual exam, your nervousness will evaporate and you will start with self-belief that matters most when it comes to cracking a competitive examination or examination in general.

  • Backed by gurus in the field that have necessary expertise and with resources that you may not have access to, all you have to do is take the practice tests recommended by your tutor or institution in the stipulated timeframe.
  • Testcone gives you explanations about the right answers and provides resources that help you do further reading/research on the topic.
  • Apart from this, Testcone provides you with visual metrics to help you focus on areas that need most attention. All in all, with Testcone, you will slowly but surely inch towards your goal.
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Training /Learning Platform

TestCone is a complete LMS. Learning a new skill, art or craft was never easier. Whether it is a training company, an independent trainer, or an internal Training Program, TestCone lets you get/offer instructor-led/online training with ease.

Recruitment Proctored/un-proctoredTesting

Pre-employment screening/Campus recruitment tests can now be a breeze for HR or recruitment agencies. TestCone has all the tools to set up quick tests in various domains from a pool of questions.

School Quizzes

Be it a school, college, or University,testing students can now be a breeze. Manage your question banks, setting up quizzes, and the ability to configure these and evaluate results make it all so meaningful.

Workforce Evaluations

With TestCone, companies can conduct employees the way they want to. TestCone can also help them with assessment tests and employee surveys.

Standardized Test Prep

With test bundles set up by the top professionals and training companies, your practice sessions can now be more meaningful and targeted.

Skill Assessment

Assessing skills for a variety of reasons could never be this easy. TestCone has tools to make it easy.

Why TestCone?

TestCone is an LMS powerhouse. It is a one-stop solution for organizations, institutions, training companies, independent trainers, educators, students, and parents. TestCone has tools and workflows to manage instructor-led/online training courses, proctored/un-proctored student/employee/standardized testing, campus recruitment, employee hiring, self-learning, and much more.

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Client Feedback

TestCone is used by a variety of users. We have been liked by each category of users at all levels. Here is some feedback from some of them.

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I have been conducting HR interviews for a number of years now. Employee screening has become so easy for my company now. Be it Skill Testing or aptitude tests, we can pick our questions and have results in minutes using Testcone.

Jay Kimmel

Tech Recruiters

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I have been a trainer consultant and a coach for many years. Evaluations during training have always been an issue. Testcone gives me a peace of mind. I have my own question bank & setting up quizzes at various stages of the training has never been easier. Thank you Testcone!

Mobeen Khan

Alems Tech

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